about me

about me

Kathrin Höfer

Once Upon a time …
... this is how fairy tales begin, but that's how it was when my love of photography began. Already as a child I was creative, when I had done my first camera, it had happened to me. So, equipped with my camera, I also began to capture stories from my life in photos. It fascinated me to perpetuate the moments of a long-distance journey forever. The passion for photography was awakened. It was followed by numerous pictures, different perspectives and beautiful detail shots. Since I also wanted to learn technical and design, I decided to complete an apprenticeship at the LIK Academy for Photo and Design.

At the age of 25, and after training as a graduate photographer and photo designer, it is more important than ever for me to express the essentials with great sensitivity to photos. Today it is less the words, meaningful images impress people a hundred times more.

But photos are not only dependent on who is behind it, but also on the flexibility you are willing to invest. As my 365 day project should show. Through a professional, mobile equipment you get better results in photo sessions than in the studio. Be it in the business area at the company location or in nature.